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“This is something that is relatively new. Looking in her eyes, I couldn’t come up with an answer to defend the exemptions for rape and incest. And over the course of the last few weeks, the Christmas holidays and reflecting on that…all I can say is that God was working on my heart.” - Rick Perry, at last night’s Personhood USA “tele-town hall” gathering. Perry was referring to a meeting with Personhood USA spokeswoman Rebecca Kiessling who, according to The Daily Beast’s Michelle Goldberg, was “adopted after her mother, a rape victim, tried and failed to abort her.”

From the article:

The event demonstrated that a commitment to banning all abortion, even in cases of rape, incest, and threats to a woman’s health, is now the normative position among the party’s presidential contenders. […]

Each of the candidates, who spoke separately and took a couple of questions each, took the same hard-line position. The differences were on the margins. Bachmann distinguished herself with her dishonesty, claiming at one point that Obama is “putting abortion pills for young minors, girls as young as 8 years of age or 11 years of age, on [the] bubblegum aisle.” (Obama, of course, recently overrode an FDA recommendation to make emergency contraception available over the counter for all ages, infuriating women’s-health activists.) [read more]

These four candidates have all signed Personhood USA’s pledge to shove the government in my uterus "defend all innocent human life." Ron Paul tacked an addendum to the pledge [PDF].


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    Have I mentioned that I’m moving to Canada?
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    Anyone who is for the death penalty and against abortion is a fucking hypocrite, just saying.
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    Oh. My. God. If they really don’t support big government, they should get it out of my body.
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    As someone on medication that would require me to abort if my birthcontrol failed and I got pregnant, this pisses me the...
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    ugh. please stay out of my uterus. kthx.
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    this seriously fucking disgusts me. LIVES OF THE LIVING »»»» LIVES OF THE UNBORN.
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    How can governments blatantly over look the most basic of human rights… Choice!
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