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Police have made arrests after members of the ‘Occupy DC’ protest group constructed a wooden structure without a permit in McPherson Square overnight.

Park Police and DC police initially gave protestors one hour to dismantle the structure, but their request was refused. A few protestors began scuffling with police, after which arrests were made. Officers on horseback were also seen pushing the crowd back. 

A group of six protestors were seen on the roof of the 30-foot-high building while police kept the crowd back with caution tape and tore out pieces of wood from the bottom of the structure. 15 other protestors were seen inside the structure. More arrests were made after protestors attempted to break through the tape to aid the protestors on the roof.”

Police arrest Occupy DC protesters after they refuse to dismantle structure

[Photos: Yuri Gripas / Reuters; Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP]

Source MSN


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    Police arrest Occupy DC protesters after they refuse to dismantle structure [Photos: Yuri Gripas / Reuters; Manuel Balce...
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